Evolving Wealth Inequality in Kerala: Mapping the Winners and Losers


This article tries to analyze the trends in wealth inequality in Kerala in the post reform period. Historical evolution of inequality has followed a ‘U’ pattern in the state with high inequality in the pre-land reform period, decreased inequality in the period of public action and rising inequality in the liberalization period. Land is found to be the most important asset that determines the household’s wealth status. Wealth inequality in Kerala stands very high and it recorded a significant rise in the post the 90’s. The contemporary nature of accumulation is such that it aids the rich to become richer while the economically weaker sections are pauperized. It also revels in the traditional caste divides helping the privileged caste groups accumulate more at the same time leaving no gain for the historically deprived groups.

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  • Maria Alejandra Madi says:

    Interesting paper on inequality in Kerala. I would like you to expand the information on

    1) the economic structure by sectors;
    2) the main challenges in the labor market;
    3) the migration trends.